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Location: Berlin

District: Steglitz

Price: 439.000 €

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Living in Berlin
trendy and hip!

Berlin- City of
opposite and progress

Invest in Berlin

Excellent service
when purchasing property

Living in Berlin - trendy and hip!

It is no longer a secret that Berlin is popular throughout the world. The German capital is an incredibly appealing place to live and work, particularly for young people. Berlin is always reinventing itself - and yet the city is moving in only one economic direction: continuously upward! Large corporations, start-ups, creative minds - everything converges here.

A colourful mix of career opportunities, leisure activities, cultural offerings and nationals from all over the world are attracting more and more people who want to live and work here. Moreover, the excellent infrastructure, appealing living standards and comparatively cheap cost of living make Berlin even more appealing than many other major cities in the world.
The general trend is that more and more people are moving into cities, whilst not wishing to forego nature. This is yet another aspect in which Berlin impresses, on account of its many green areas, rivers and lakes.


City of opposites and progress

Precisely because Berlin with its districts and neighbourhoods has so many different facets, there is a suitable spot for everyone.

Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain primarily appeal on account of their world-famous clubs and countless little cafés and restaurants. The upmarket, somewhat elegant areas in West Berlin, like Charlottenburg and Wilmersdorf, as well as the quiet and green Steglitz, have good transport connections into the city and thus provide all the amenities of a colourful city life paired with a range of lakes, parks and green spaces.
The city train furthermore makes it possible to travel quickly from Lichterfelde with its charmingly rural character directly into the vibrant heart of Berlin - providing all the benefits of living in the metropolis on the one hand, yet peace and quiet within one’s own four walls on the other.


Invest in Berlin properties!

The Berlin property market offers first-rate quality. Aside from unmatched growth, investors profit from attractive investment returns. Compared with other European capitals, the price per square metre in Berlin is considerably lower than, for example, in London or Paris. At the same time, Berlin’s economy is developing rapidly - anyone wishing to jump on the investor bandwagon before Berlin reaches the price levels seen in other European capitals should hurry!

In addition, there is a further factor which promises secure investment opportunities with Berlin properties: Germans like to rent and commit to rented homes for long periods of time. Compared with other European countries, only a small proportion of homes in Germany are actually lived in by the owners themselves. As a result, investors have a solid base for regular and secure rental income.


Excellent service when purchasing property

Are you looking to buy an apartment or house in Berlin? Are you after a home for yourself or apartments to rent out as an investment?

Berlin is our home and we possess important local property expertise. We enjoy using our knowledge and experience on behalf of our customers. Not only are we happy to provide you with extensive advice on our property range, we can help you with financing options as well! We carry out transnational multi-channel marketing. Our multilingual staff (German, Italian, English and French) will attend to you personally and will cater to your wishes with commitment and expertise. We can already count numerous satisfied customers among our extensive customer base.


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