Living in Berlin is hip and cool!

It´s not a secret anymore: everyone loves Berlin. Moreover, it is undoubtedly Europe´s coolest city. With  affordable properties and brilliant working abilities, Berlin has attracted especially young people from all over the world. Berlin constantly reinvents itself and adapts to the new. Berlin´s business and Real Estate market is steadily increasing, and Berlin is start-up capital. Here, large companies, creative minds and start-ups easily get together. Berlin offers so much to its inhabitants. It combines brilliant working conditions, countless cultural and leisure activities and people of all nations. That is what more and more people attracts to move to Berlin. Additionally, there are a good infrastructure, including an excellent public transport system, affordable living standards, and comparable low living expanses what makes owning a Real Estate in Berlin more attractive than in any other capital city in the world.  In general, more and more people move to the city, but don´t want to do it without buying a property. Berlin is said to be one of Europe´s greenest cities with many lakes, parks and green spaces. You can enjoy a life surrounded by nature without missing any of the benefits of one of the world's hippest capital cities.

Berlin- City of contrasts and progress

Berlin has 12 different neighbourhoods, with each of it having its own character and feel.Thus, there is a place for everyone to feel home.Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain are famous for its vibrant bar and club scene with its countless restaurants, clubs, bars and cafés. The sophisticated, elegant areas in West Berlin, Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf and Steglitz, are not far from the city centre but also close to a variety of lakes, park facilities and green spots. Thanks to Berlin´s excellent public transportation system the city is perfectly connected. Hence, it is possible to be in the centre of Berlin in a few minutes, right after having enjoyed the rural and charming amenities of the neighbourhood Lichterfelde. Berlin´s diversity offers the perfect blend of metropolitan life on one side and a perfect neighborhood convenience on the other side.


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